Examples of our work

These are examples of our work we have done in the past. They highlight specific interventions we chose to achieve the desired results.

Customer Service

For Deutsche Post AG we helped design efficient service processes along with supportive materials for call center agents to improve service quality and response times. We conducted workshops involving sales, marketing and product management, and interviewed call center agents to formulate a comprehensive service approach for an improved service experience for the customer.


As part of a new strategy of Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb GmbH we facilitated a series of workshops involving management and CIO to enable the organization to allocate priorities and resources based on strategic goals.

Product Launch

For Deutsche Post AG we helped design and implement a concept for customer enrollment of a brand new strategic product. Since the enrollment process was the key for a successful product launch we worked with multiple division executives, managers and store employees to formulate a rollout plan across 11,000 branches to provide process-aids, materials and training to ensure a smooth enrollment experience for the customer.

Service & Quality

For Lufthansa Cargo AG we developed and implemented a performance management system for key sales and customer service processes. The executive management needed reliable performance indicators to run and improve worldwide operations to ensure they keep their promises to the customer. We involved senior management of the handling and sales division as well as operations staff for the design of the monitoring tools. Once the system was in place improvement initiatives were launched to tackle identified performance issues resulting in a highly improved performance.

Process Re-engineering

For Kühne & Nagel we designed and implemented a program to centralize all billing activities for a major key account in the US. Once the central billing staff was trained and the organizational structure was in place we implemented the roll out plan step by step to ensure a smooth transition. This resulted in a significantly increased billing accuracy and a consequently improved financial performance.

Culture and Leadership

For Lufthansa Cargo AG we designed and conducted a comprehensive worldwide employee survey and focus groups to gather information on the perceived leadership, strategic direction and the overall organizational situation.
Feedback enabled the executive team to focus on the most critical areas. We worked with the executive team to address these critical areas and define a communication process to inform and involve the employees.


For Global Payments Inc. we assisted the senior management in assessing the effectiveness of internal controls in accordance with SOX 404. We worked with management and staff members to identify and analyze deficiencies and helped improve IT-processes. As a result we significantly reduced the identified deficiencies through external auditors to a negligible amount.

Crisis Management

For a medium sized business we worked with the owner to assess the project progress with a contracted solution provider and made recommendations on how to proceed in the best interest of the business. We conducted interviews with senior management and staff of the provider and facilitated negotiations between the owner and the provider’s senior management. As a result the owner was able to make a sound decision in the company’s best interest and clear the path for further growth.


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