“For the launch of a new strategic product, Marc helped us with pragmatic and effective solutions in a very efficient way. His trustful collaboration with executives and managers as well as with various other business divisions was very professional, goal oriented, and contributed greatly to the success of our project.”

Dr. Leonid Sergeev,
COO Deutsche Post E-POST Solutions GmbH


"With solid advice and sound consulting Mr. Neddermann accompanied us during a very crucial phase of our business and helped us make the right decisions in the best interest of our company. We were highly impressed with the trustful collaboration and the fast delivery of results.”

Boris Osmann,
Owner Stern Apotheke am Hasselbachplatz    


“The teamwork with Marc helped our department to tackle the operational challenges in a very pragmatic and goal oriented way. His innovative ideas combined with a sharp focus on the things that really matter significantly helped us turn our work into success.”

Jens Müller vom Feld,
Director Campaign Management Telekom AG 


“Marc is a master at turning complexity into simplicity. His comprehension for products and markets is time and again impressive. By asking very focused questions he has the ability to break through traditional structures and develop new and fresh perspectives for growth. Marc encourages us to break new ground, and at the same time to not lose sight for what is possible.”

Olaf Seidel,
General Manager Hauck & Aufhäuser KGaA


“Marc has the ability to quickly and precisely grasp and analyze the core issues in our development of additional product features.”

Alfo Fliegen, 
Sales Director E-Post, Deutsche Post AG 


"Marc is an example of a "best practices benchmark" approach for process improvement and internal controls optimization. His normalization efforts allowed the client to increase efficiency in a realistic time-frame. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, Marc is skilled at understanding the critical components of a function, evaluating process qualities and bringing the two together.”

Kelvin J. Arcelay, 
Arcelay & Associates LLC