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Quick examples


Developed a growth strategy with CEO and senior management of Schleupen AG for both business areas and defined pragmatic measures to implement the strategic goals.

As part of a new strategy of Deutsche Bahn Vertrieb GmbH facilitated a series of workshops involving management and CIO to enable the organization to allocate priorities and resources based on strategic goals.

Sparring of an executive of a large company to strategically position his business unit and evaluate his strategic options.


Designed and implemented a program to centralize all billing activities for a major key account for Kuehne & Nagel in the US resulting in a significantly increased billing accuracy and a consequently improved financial performance

Developed a concept to improve employer branding of BIS Bremerhaven GmbH for the successful recruitment of needed talent.

Analysed and evaluated the service quality in stores of REWE Markt GmbH as part of a service study and developed a plan to enhance customer experience.

For Deutsche Post AG  helped design efficient service processes along with supportive materials for call center agents to improve service quality and response times for an improved service experience for the customer.

Growth and Transformation

Advised and helped an executive of an international company to transform organizational culture towards increased innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and higher productivity.

Developed and designed a concept to realign the organization of Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH for clear responsibilities and roles and efficient collaboration.

Developed and implemented growth strategies for multiple medium-sized companies in areas such as product strategy and portfolio, sales and partner management, leadership and cooperation, market development, marketing and branding, resources and talent management.


“As part of our growth offensive, Marc Neddermann guided us through the strategy process. We are both surprised and impressed by how catchy and easy to understand the final strategy has become. Overall, we were able to sharpen the strategy for ourselves, and we received consistently positive feedback on the results from all managers. “

Dr. Volker Kruschinski
CEO, Schleupen AG

“I really appreciate the high level of coaching and the harmonious collaboration with Marc Neddermann. The many suggestions and reflections provide excellent guidance, and the seamless workflow has ensured efficient and goal-oriented progress. “

Markus Rempe
Head of IT, Oldenburgische Landesbank AG

“I appreciate the management sparring with Marc Neddermann. It helped me generate valuable context and insights very quickly. “

Jens Gehle
Plant Manager Hanover/Germany, Clarios AG

“For the launch of a new strategic product, Marc helped us with pragmatic and effective solutions in a very efficient way. His trustful collaboration with executives and managers as well as with various other business divisions was very professional, goal-oriented, and contributed greatly to the success of our project.”

Dr. Leonid Sergeev,
COO Deutsche Post E-POST Solutions GmbH

“Working with Marc has given us many insights that will help us make the right decisions for the future. An investment with great added value. “

Carsten Gernhoff,
Managing Director, E+A ELEKTROTECHNIK und AGGREGATEBAU Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

“Mr. Neddermann supported us on several projects in various areas of our company. His commitment and focus on the set goal always enabled ideal project conditions. His proposed solutions provided the management a sound basis for future-oriented decision-making. “

Raymond Kiesbye
Managing Director, Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH

“… His targeted questions, the clear connection between theory and practice, and a strong simplification of complexity helped us to identify needs, formulate goals and develop solutions. His persistence was at times exhausting, but it led to important insights and closed gaps in our thought process.”

Gisela Tresch
Managing Director, Lebenshilfe Bremerhaven e.V.

“Marc has the ability to quickly and precisely grasp and analyze the core issues in our development of additional product features.”

Alfo Fliegen,
Sales Director E-Post, Deutsche Post AG

“The teamwork with Marc helped our department to tackle the operational challenges in a very pragmatic and goal-oriented way. His innovative ideas combined with a sharp focus on the things that really matter significantly helped us turn our work into success.”

Jens Müller vom Feld,
Director Campaign Management Telekom AG

“Marc is a master at turning complexity into simplicity. His comprehension of products and markets is time and again impressive. By asking very focused questions he has the ability to break through traditional structures and develop new and fresh perspectives for growth. Marc encourages us to break new ground, and at the same time to not lose sight of what is possible.”

Olaf Seidel,
General Manager Hauck & Aufhäuser KGaA

“With solid advice and sound consulting Mr. Neddermann accompanied us during a very crucial phase of our business and helped us make the right decisions in the best interest of our company. We were highly impressed with the trustful collaboration and the fast delivery of results.”

Boris Osmann,
Owner Stern Apotheke am Hasselbachplatz   

“Marc is an example of a “best practices benchmark” approach for process improvement and internal controls optimization. His normalization efforts allowed the client to increase efficiency in a realistic time frame. Extremely professional and knowledgeable, Marc is skilled at understanding the critical components of a function, evaluating process qualities, and bringing the two together.”

Kelvin J. Arcelay,
Arcelay & Associates LLC