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The key to successfully implement change projects is to start with the end result in mind. Define specifically what you want to see, feel, and experience when you are done. If you want people to be more empowered describe what that means and how it will be different from the current situation.

Change and its acceptance have a lot to do with culture. Make sure there will be sufficient support for your change efforts among the people affected by it. The best plans won’t succeed if you find broad resentment against your initiatives in your organization. Ask yourself what is possible given the culture and what is too far a stretch. You won’t turn a tightly managed team into a creative and autonomic power group. But you can allow for more decisions to be made by the people.

Keep it simple and focus on quick results. Pragmatic approaches and measures are way more effective than sophisticated concepts. Rather than creating elaborate processes and guidelines, simply say: I want you to make decisions up to 1,000 USD yourself. Above that amount involve me.

Marc Neddermann

Author Marc Neddermann

Marc Neddermann is a consultant, speaker and trusted advisor on growth and innovation. He has worked with leaders and executives of DAX 30 companies as well as medium sized businesses.

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