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Look, there is a lot of talk about innovation, digitization, culture change, empowerment, and on and on and on. People emphatically promote these buzzwords with the notion that if you implement them (whatever methodology might be involved) things will automatically get better. They won’t! And here is why:

Let’s use this „Italian dinner with friends“-analogy: All of these buzzwords are just ingredients. What is missing is the recipe, the menu, the entire theme (Italian cuisine) and experience of the dinner evening with your friends. That’s where your start, which is in the business context your strategy and your goals. Buying ingredients randomly (e.g. culture change) or because they are being promoted (e.g. digitization) will lead to a bland meal at best or a jam-packed pantry. Or who needs meat when you want to go vegetarian?

Start with the end result you want to achieve and work backward.

  • You want to improve your customer experience by increasing the first touch resolution? Give front-line staff the tools and authority to make decisions to resolve customer inquiries or complaints right away. (aka empowerment)
  • You want to improve productivity by faster decision-making and less involvement of management in your organization? Delegate responsibility, adjust incentive schemes, eliminate hierarchical levels. (culture change?)

Bon Appétit!

Marc Neddermann

Author Marc Neddermann

Marc Neddermann is a consultant, speaker and trusted advisor on growth and innovation. He has worked with leaders and executives of DAX 30 companies as well as medium sized businesses.

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