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It’s easy to develop a strategy and it can be done rather quickly if you follow the right process. The hard works starts with the implementation. And that’s the point where many organizations fail for the following reasons:

Poor resolve: Once you and your executives have decided on a new path for the future, you have to have the guts and courage to tackle the necessary changes. It is not enough to present your new strategy and assume it will somehow happen. You have say “that’s what we want” and act accordingly.

Lack of accountability: For every major key goal of your strategy you need to have a key person who is accountable to deliver the results. You have to define what outcome you expect, how you measure progress, and by when the goal has to be completed. Too many executives shy away from assigning accountabilities and wonder why the implementation is stalling

Insufficient communication: Strategy is not meant to be a secret document that you hide in your vault. Every person in your organization needs to know what the future of your company will look like. And that entails that you communicate your strategy regularly in discussions, meetings and at major events. Litmus test: ask anyone in your organization to describe your strategic direction with her own words. Is it congruent with your strategy?

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Marc Neddermann

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Marc Neddermann is a consultant, speaker and trusted advisor on growth and innovation. He has worked with leaders and executives of DAX 30 companies as well as medium sized businesses.

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